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Skin Facts
Not All Hydroxy Acids Are A...
AHAs hydrate the surface of the skin and are water soluble.  Examples of AHAs are glycolic and lactic ... more

Dehydration: What’s The Big Deal?

The epidermis is the one part of the body that is most vulnerable to fluid deprivation. This is due to the fact that it is the organ that is the furthest away from our blood supply. Surface dehydration is a definitive enemy of the skin and is associated with problems as diverse as scaly, taut skin, superficial lines, and premature aging.

A toner is a product that is vital to a home skincare regimen. Not only does it restore the skin’s surface to the proper pH after cleansing, but it also helps to hydrate the skin from the outside in. Using a toner in conjunction with adequate water intake will reduce or eliminate these issues.